All of our food is freshly prepared in house using ingredients from local suppliers. Whether you need a quick coffee and a snack, a lunch to keep you going or a cheeky breakfast to set you up for the day, we’ve got you covered!

Scroll down to see our full menu and see what takes your fancy.


Served until 11:30am Tues – Fri,

until 12pm Sat


Toast with butter (V/Ve) £2.50
Add jam, marmalade, Nutella
Toasted tea cake (V) £3.00
Baked beans on toast (V/Ve) £3.50
Guacamole toast £4.80
Smashed avocado, cherry tomatoes, red onion, sriracha on sourdough toast (Ve)
Add egg
Scrambled egg on toast (V) £4.50
Add chorizo
Add smoked salmon
3 egg omelette £4.00
Add fillings: see extras below
American style blueberry pancakes with maple syrup (V) £5.20
Add bacon
Bacon / sausage barm £4.00
The Squirrel Breakfast £6.80
Bacon, sausage, black pudding, egg, hash brown, mushrooms, beans, toast
The Big Breakfast £9.80
2x bacon, 2x sausage, black pudding, 2x egg, 2x hash brown, mushrooms, beans, 2x toast
Smoked salmon
+ £2.00
 Diced chorizo
Bacon x2 / Sausage / Veggie Sausage / Hash Brown x2 / Chopped Ham
Avocado / Cheddar Cheese / Cheddar Mozzarella Mix
Beans / Mushrooms / Cherry Tomatoes / Onion / Black Pudding / Egg


Served from 11:30am-3pm Tues – Fri,

from 12pm-3pm Sat


See Boards for Weekly Soup & Specials

Homemade soup of the day with crusty bread £5.00
Soup and half a sandwich of your choice £7.20
Jacket potato (V) £4.50
Served with butter, side salad and coleslaw (V)
Add mature cheddar cheese (V), baked beans (Ve), tuna mayo
Served hot or cold with side salad, coleslaw and crisps. Choose from white or granary bread, barm, wrap or as a salad
Chicken and bacon
Ham, cheese, and pickle
Bacon, brie, and cranberry
Tuna and sweetcorn / cucumber
Grilled cheese with mature cheddar, mozzarella & oregano (V)
Sliced egg with mayonnaise and rocket (V)
Curries Chickpea with Mango Chutney & salad (V/Ve)
Welsh Rarebit
Cheesy fries
Dirty fries (mozzarella, cheddar, bacon, red onion, jalapeno)
Sweet Treats
Homemade cakes – individually priced, ask us for today’s choice
Cream tea £6.00
Homemade scone with clotted cream and jam with a pot of
Welsh Brew tea of your choice
Afternoon tea £17.50pp
Finger sandwiches, savoury, Scone with clotted cream and jam, homemade mini cake selection, pot of Welsh Brew tea
Available for private events only – Selection will vary

Hot Drinks


Double espresso £2.10
Americano £2.60
Latte £2.90
Cappuccino £2.90
Flat white £2.90
Mocha £3.10
Chai Latte £2.80
Matcha Latte £3.10
Hot chocolate £2.80
With cream, marshmallows, and flake
Mini squirrel’s hot chocolate £2.00
With cream, marshmallows, and flake


Decaf +30p
Extra Shot +40p
William Fox Syrup +40p
Caramel, Mint, Orange, Vanilla, Hazelnut, Black Cherry
Alternative milk +30p
Almond, Oat, Soya

Welsh Brew Teas

Welsh Brew (mug / pot for one) £2.20
Welsh Brew (pot for two) £2.60
Welsh Brew Decaf £2.20
Earl Grey £2.40
Chamomile Flowers £2.40
Jasmine Green £2.40
Peppermint £2.40
Lemon & Ginger £2.40
Mixed Berry £2.40

Cold Drinks

Pepsi £1.70
Diet Pepsi £1.70
Cherry Pepsi £1.70
Fanta £1.70
R Whites Lemonade £1.70
Oasis (Citrus Punch / Summer Fruits) £2.20
Apple Juice £1.50
Orange Juice £1.50
Bottled Water (still / sparkling) £1.40
San Pellegrino Lemon £3.00
Fentimans (ask staff for flavours) £3.00

Squirrel Speciality Drinks

Squirrel Latte £4.40
Coffee, milk, hazelnut syrup, cream, lotus biscoff
Mochateser £4.40
Coffee, chocolate, milk, cream, maltesers
Mint Hot Chocolate £4.40
Hot chocolate, mint syrup, cream, mint Aero
Honeycomb Latte £4.40
Coffee, milk, caramel syrup, cream, Crunchie

Milkshakes, Smoothies & Iced Drinks

Smoothies £4.50
Green Reviver (Kale, Lemongrass, Banana, Mango)
Strawberry Delight (Strawberry, Peach, Papaya)
Mango Dream (Mango, Pear)
Coconut Crush (Coconut cream, Pineapple)
Pineapple Sunset (Pineapple, Papaya, Mango)
Milkshakes £4.70
Vanilla & Clotted Cream
Chocolate (Ve)
Cookies & Cream
Iced Drinks
Flat White
Iced Chocolate
Squirrel Speciality Drinks Iced £4.90
add syrup
add cream

All dishes are available in smaller sizes or as a custom order for our little Squirrels, please ask your server!

Allergen information for all dishes is available on request. Please inform your server of any allergies or dietary requirements before placing your order.

V/Ve indicates the dish can be made vegetarian or vegan on request.

All food is prepared in a kitchen that handles known allergens as well as dairy and meat products. Practices and procedures are in place to safeguard against cross contamination but the absence of any particular allergen can never be fully guaranteed.